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rock & roll rewind

11 Jan

Seattle Times posted a pretty amazing slide show of 70’s rock pictures… it’s basically like a pictorial of the Covington 104.5 playlist. Here are my faves in case you don’t have time to go through all 97.

Elvis Costello

Did you know Debbie Harry is a really good person? Her partner had some rare skin disease and she took a break from her career to care for him.

Suzi Quattro (cute tattoo & turtleneck)

How does one's "bulge" wear out their jeans? Did they have to adjust their package to the same side every time?


Again with the bulge-wear-out...

Cheap Trick

Phil Collins

I love how Olivia Newton-John is missing the top button of her coat, it makes it look like this picture is current and she bought a vintage coat at the thrift store...