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scrimshaw: friend or faux?

3 Mar

I’m pretty sure wearing scrimshaw is considered akin to wearing baby seal but I can’t help it, I’m obsessed. And I’ll snuggle right up in my excuse that makes me feel better about wearing fur. I only wear vintage and if it’s been dead for longer than it would have been alive had it died a natural death then it’s probably OK. I know, I know. If I wear animal then I am perpetuating the style and potentially encouraging others to buy new fur, etc. but my ego is not that large. That would be like me thinking I’m Kate Moss or something.

The other thing is that if you are of my demographic (not a society lady) people generally assume that your fur is faux even if it obviously is not. Aaaand, as long as people wear Ugg boots without protesters assaulting them then I am going to hold my ground. Uggs are sheep, people. Sheeeeeeeep!

Anyway, here are my treasured scrimshaw rings and some pieces that I would like to have…

R-L: one that my dad gave my mom, it used to have roses but the color came off, definitely real; an great bird of prey (hawk? falcon?) one I got on ebay, not sure if it's real; a little ram one I just recently got on ebay, also not sure if it's real.

love this 'Raven' ring, but I think it's really a Coho Salmon


an interesting hair pin on ebay

Buddy Holly pendant? Amazing.


vintage harness boots

23 Feb

OK, so I suck. I have obviously been way too busy at work if I don’t have time to post pictures of cute outfits & delicious food. At least it shows that I’m not a total slacker… (at work that is). Also me & Mike have been catching up on way too many seasons of shows past (Parks and Recreation & Party Down which are both on Netflix instant play right now). It’s really cutting into my writing time.

Usually I’m not a fan of the Frye harness boots. A little too ‘Melrose Place’-ish trying to look tough with a dress or something. Honestly, somebody I hated in high school probably had them. That’ll usually do it for me. Anyway, I saw these on ebay and had my mind changed. Unfortunately I didn’t have the moolah to jump on them but now I have a new saved search.I think these are good because they are all mushy & broken in. It really takes the tough-lesbian out of them, doesn’t it?

linda ronstadt for gunne sax

20 Jan

This dress would be perfect for your Linda Ronstadt look… (I would buy it myself except that it’s too tiny).

Amber & I have had Linda on the brain for a while.

Then synchronicity happens:

Mike bought one of her albums at the thrift store.

I mentioned her bangs to my lovely hairdresser Laura and she said another hairdresser at Halo is growing her hair out like Linda Ronstadt after receiving an album for Christmas.

Here are some more inspiring looks including the iconic image of her signing in studio with a porky pig holding an american flag muscle-t on. I have “vintage porky pig t-shirt” in my ebay saved searches because of this very photo. Also… this converstation is making me re-think oversized hoop earrings.