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where babies come from

8 Oct

Today Hondo mentioned something to me about “when daddy found me” to which I had to inquire, “where exactly do you think you came from?” Turns out that Hondo has made up his own version of the birds & the bees story. (Guess we dodged that bullet, huh?) Hondo explained that sometime after Mike moved to Seattle he found Hondo swaddled on the ground. Who swaddled him & left him there? A stranger. “sort of like when Hagrid left Harry Potter” on the Dursley’s doorstep. After Mike & I met and got married, the doctor cut my belly open & put Hondo in it. Then they took him out. So it seems to be kind of a Harry Potter meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers scenario. Definitely better than anything I could come up with. It kind of reminded me of a more genuine version of this


the inspiration



found baby!

Dedicated to baby Grayson who was so lucky to be found by Matt & given to Katie.


house hunters

1 Oct

I actually wrote this on May 26, but never posted it… Talk about behind schedule! Well, I’m posting it anyway since it’s part of the narrative of the last 5 months, which will henceforth be known as “The Kelly’s Renaissance.”

The bad news is that I have been too preoccupied to write much, the good news is that someone came to look at our house yesterday and they actually made an offer!!! Please, please, please, please let the bank accept it. We are doing a short sale and will be at the mercy of the banks approval on any offers that come along.

Now my compulsive craigslist apartment hunting might finally come to fruition…

We just need to find a place with hardwood floors, a dishwasher, preferably a washer/dryer that allows microscopic dogs in West Seattle. Honestly, we can probably get by with a 1 bedroom if there is ample closet and/or storage space. We only spend time in 3 rooms as a family, Hondo’s room, me & Mike’s room and the kitchen. Why do we even have a living room? To hold our stereo? So I am looking for NYC & Paris style tiny apartment inspiration. Hopefully with a nice enough landlord that I can decorate in some delerious Umbrellas of Cherbourg fashion.

gluten-free layer cake

6 Apr

I forgot to post these pics, this was Hondo’s family birthday party at my mom’s house. I used the leftover chocolate buttercream for the filling in the cake and made Joy of Cooking’s chocolate satin frosting for the outside. Hoo-boy. That frosting is a crowd-pleaser. It’s made with evaporated milk (note to self: condensed milk is the essence of dulce de leche, much more prevalent at the mexi-centric grocery stores in my neighborhood, don’t mix them up next time…). I made the cake from scratch but from now on I might just use the Pamela’s gluten-free cake mixes. They are way easier & always turn out moist & delicious. Not that my cake wasn’t good. Everybody had seconds. But honestly, as my own worst critic, the cake was a little dry. Now all I need is a lovely flat crystal cake plate… (the pink plates have always been too curved to respectably hold a cake).

foggy baby-hood memories

10 Feb

Our sweet little boy turned 4 today. As I was putting him to bed tonight and he was tucked into the crook of my arm it reminded me of the first night we spent together (with him on the outside). Hondo was a biggie and sunny-side-up. If you don’t know babies that means he came out face up instead of face down which is the ideal delivery. Needless to say I was a little worse for the wear and the nurse fed me some percoset. “Take two if you really want to feel better…” she said. A couple of hours (minutes?) later I lay on the bed with my tiny baby thinking, “I can’t believe they would put moving beds in the post-natal rooms, that seems so dangerous…” and then I realized that it was the percoset talking. I seriously felt like the bed was a giant swing.

Mike & I were looking at pictures from the first couple of months and it all seems like yesterday but also a million years ago. The funny thing is that even in those one-month old baby pictures you can see Hondo’s little personality shining through…

We love you little sweetie!

seattle winter birthdays

7 Feb

I realized this year that maybe I should have exercised some family planning and had Hondo in one of the outdoor birthday party months (July-September in Seattle) but alas, he was born in February which means for our fear of having a gaggle of wild children in our house that we will probably always have it at some “fun” location from here through age 13 (or whenever mom’s stop throwing parties for sons). We threw Hondo his 4th Birthday party at the SeaTac Matt Griffin YMCA and it was awesome. They have an indoor playground called The Adventure Zone which rents for approximately $150 (depending on your membership status).

Here are some other Seattle area indoor birthday party ideas:

Gymnastic venues

Seattle Gymnastics Academy in Lake City, Ballard or Columbia City

The Jungle Gym in Burien

Childrens Museums

Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett

Kids Quest Children’s Museum in Bellevue

The Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo

Point Defiance Zoo

Swimming Pools

Federal Way Community Center (awesome pool with toddler/preschool sized slide & waterworks)

Montlake Terrace Pool

Bouncy Places

Jump Planet in Bothell (they serve Garlic Jim’s pizza for parties so you can have a gluten-free party)

big-boy bed

5 Dec

It’s official… Hondo is asleep right this minute in his own bed.

Shhhh, here is what he looks like right now:

I took this photo with my personal night vision modification, meaning I held out a tiny book light while letting the shutter on my camera stay open forever (on a tripod).

Do you need any tips about buying a new bed for your little one? Here is what I  figured out:

1. Buy a frame on craigslist. This one was $25. Bed frames can’t really get cooties.

2. Buy the mattress new. Mattresses can and do get cooties.

3. Check out Sears. We got this mattress for $169, it was originally $300-something. New crappy mattresses at the Goodwill are $159 and they are way less cushy than this one. Everything else I looked at was either a comparable price for a flimsy 70’s motel quality or $300+.

4. If you have the means, ask if you can pick it up from the distribution center yourself (thank you Edith for my lovely 1993 GMC Safari maxi-van). This saved us a $70 delivery fee.

5. Go to Ross for sheets. I had my heart set on some cute red & white geometric Tommy Hilfiger sheets at Macy’s and then I found some slightly different red & white Tommy Hilfiger sheets for $11.99 at Ross, for the whole set.

Now the only thing I didn’t really figure out, what happens if Hondo wakes up? I didn’t tell him that I wouldn’t be spending the whole night in there. Hopefully he doesn’t freak if he wakes up and has to come to our room… we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.