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san diego trip

29 Mar

Getting excited… we are going on our first family vacation in over 2 years in July. Mike is doing the San Diego Comicon (his 4th year) and we decided to make a meal of it. We rented a beach house to stay in with our other friends who do Comicon. Hondo & I will be soakin’ up the rays while everyone else are busting their humps at the ‘con.

After San Diego we are going to drive back up the coast, our first stop: Big Sur’s Ripplewood Resort. These super cute cabins aren’t even close to roughing it, they have bathrooms & kitchens and they have great reviews on tripadvisor.

Then we are getting a little more rustic, staying in the Forest Glen Guard Station. It was constructed in 1916 and was a residence for Forest Service Fire Patrolmen. It has no heat, no running water but it has a flushing toilet (I’ll explain how that works in August…) The best part? $40 a night.

Speaking of $40 a night… our last stop is a rustic yurt at the Bullards Beach State Park on the Oregon Coast. I am so excited, I LOVE yurts. And the Oregon Coast.


tiny dreams

21 Mar

While planning our summer vacation (a road trip to the San Diego Comicon) I keep coming across amazing places that will definitely be on my to-do list of future places to visit… including this amazing tiny geodesic dome cabin in Northern California on Air B&B.

I admit, part of the appeal is that our family is having big house fatigue… big cleaning, big utility bills, big projects, big accumulations of stuff. The thought of a space so small that you have to fold out the table to have a meal and then fold it back up when you are done seems so snuggly and womb-like. sigh.

If you haven’t perused it, Air B&B features tons of crazy-amazing places like this boot in New Zealand:


summer dreams

6 Nov

This summer we went to Guemes Island Resort and stayed in their Yurts. It was so fun, it’s a 5 minute ferry ride from Anacortes on a tiny open top ferry that holds about 20 cars. This might be as close as we need to get to camping for a while… when you have a kid with type 1 diabetes the comforts & cleanliness of their communal outdoor kitchen (with a fridge!) and bath house make it so much easier. Plus the yurts have heat & electricity. Fun times!

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