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brigitte nielsen in cobra

18 Feb

Mike was watching ‘Cobra’ the other night, I only saw a few minutes of it, I think it was about a serial killer trying to kill Brigitte Nielsen and Stallone is a cop trying to protect her. She plays a fashion model with some seriously dubious modeling scenes where she is voguing among junkyard robots. Anyway, in her model-off-duty scenes she looks uh-mazing. I totally forgot how stunning she can be ever since that whole Flava-Flav debaucle.


can’t wait…

30 Nov

Mike found me this amazing Stevie Nicks video at the Goodwill. The cover is probably the most inspiring part, most of the videos are pretty horrific, filled with soft-focus 80’s cliches & wind machines. The highlights are ‘stop draggin’ my heart around’  (I am about to go to Jo-Ann to get some clear crow beads to wear in my tiny face framing braids…) and  ‘leather and lace’.

Stevie Nicks is an interesting character, sometimes she seems so genuine & earnest like in the 2 videos above but in some of the others she seems like a crazy piece of work.