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prehistoric fashion blogging

31 Dec

Here’s a fun holiday look from 1997, featuring a wiglet which actually looks pretty legit, like Jessica Lange from American Horror Story (new fave show!). The faux-fur-lined chinoiserie jacket which was a previously most-prized possession. I just wish I had better shoes on. They are probably from Payless since at the time all I ate was bagels with no cream cheese (too expensive!) & mountain dew because it was cheaper than coffee in NY. Poorsville. The LBD belonged to my grandmother, it’s velveteen with those weird little armpit sweat pads on the inside. I like old details like that. It reminds me of being in her bathroom and her deodorant was in a little metal tin sort of like Murray’s pomade. Why don’t clothes still have that? Nothing is worse than a dude with pit-stains on a french blue or heather grey shirt… bring back pit-liners in 2012! Happy new year!


present belt, a new sensation…

13 Dec

I have a hard time breaking up thrift store sets… like when you find multiples of anything from drinking glasses to, I dunno, matching cheerleading sweaters, how can you break up items that have lived a whole life together? The funny thing is when I find a dress that comes with it’s original belt, the first thing that goes into the back of the closet is… the belt. Brown leather always wins over self-belt. The other funny thing is that even though I am a “visual person” (one of my pet peeve sayings) I can never wrap a present decent. Even if I hoard cute wrapping paper from the Borders going-out-of-business sale I never have ribbon & can’t quite execute it to perfection. But I just came up with the solution: Thrift store belt as gift wrap bow! Goodbye belt… I’ll be sad to see you go, but honestly when I got done with this dress you probably wouldn’t have ended up in the same donation bag anyway. Now you might be a cute bow for a 6 year old’s ponytail! A much finer fate.

the ultimate doorbuster!

25 Nov

Forget 99″ flat screen TV’s & pepper spraying fellow shoppers to get the edge on grabbing a video game console… I scored the most epic thrift prize ever tonight when I got a Chloé handbag at Value Village for 60 bones! Not only that, but it still had the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale price tag attached, and all the authenticity tags in the inner pocket. It was originally $1495, $998.90 on Anniversary! Huzzah! Mike said if I were a different kind of person I might say I had crossed something off my bucket list.

And… I wasn’t the only one to thrift score, Hondo found a Clone Trooper Turbo Tank for $3.50. We’ll check in on him in a few hours…

bootleg mouse lover

28 Apr

I like Mickey Mouse… but I love weird bootleg versions of Mickey & Minnie even more. I love the subtle nuances of wrong-ness you can find on items like these:

note the slightly crossed eyes & how Mickey's shoes disappear into the background

shop class coat hanger

obviously not Mickey but still fits the bill

I got this t-shirt around 2000

& got this in 2010

amazing Zuni jewelry from ebay

One time in 2003 Mike & I got to go to Bjork’s Summer Nights at the Pier as guests of Jeremy Scott. I can’t really recall exactly how that happened. Not that I was inebriated, more like stunned. I worked at Halo salon at the time and these guys who came to the salon somehow hooked up with Jeremy Scott while he was in Seattle and Bjork happened to be playing and he happened to have extra passes and they decided to invite me. Huh. I was completely star struck. I don’t think I ever even made eye contact with him. Which is weird because he is probably the least snooty designer, but possibly one of the more intimidating. Anyway, in usual Jeremy Scott fashion he was dressed crazy-town, with one of those mall-ish leather bomber jackets that had sports teams emblems all over it. Like every sports team. Maybe it was a fair-weather fan jacket. The most amazing thing though was his t-shirt. It was like a super-vintage weird bootleg featuring Mickey & Minnie as sort of early hip-hop characters and Mickey is saying “Yo-Yo-Yo Baby!” I am haunted by this shirt. I’m desperate for it. Unfortunately there are no search terms on ebay that define this. I just can’t find it anywhere. I think it’s his favorite t-shirt as you can see it peeking out under his clothes here:

Another reason I like Jeremy Scott... he's from Kansas City. Just like Amber (sort of. He is from the Missouri side & she is from the Kansas side).

for the love of all that is cute in the world…

15 Apr

Picked these little wooden Polish dollies up on the way home from my mom’s at the Crown Hill Value Village. (Rumored to be the very biggest Value Village in the world). I am dying for those little jeans!


24 Jan

This pin is from the thrift store…

For one it’s good because it’s from Farrell’s which was this Ice Cream chain in Seattle in the 70’s-80’s that was one of those total old-timey themed birthday destinations where the server had sleeve garters & a moustache.

For two- every time I look at it my eyes see the word “Happy-Tits”. No matter what.

leather mini-backpacks

18 Jan

One of my latest obsessions, leather backpacks. I got this cute vintage brown one from ebay for $25 and just got this little black one for $3 at the Goodwill. Mike didn’t get it. He referenced this line in Swingers: “And it’s like I’m supposed to be all happy because she’s, like, wearing a backpack?” but that’s OK. We have been together long enough that we get that we don’t always have to get what the other person is thinking. Plus, I do kind of get the not getting of it. The black one is sort of like socks & sandals. It has a distinct Disneyland vacation mom vibe but I still love it. And is it just me or do Alexander Wang & Chloe Sevigny sometimes have the same vibe?