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camp fire kids

12 May

Amber & I started a camp fire troop, it’s been a little crazy but really fun. I kind of had social anxiety about the first meeting but the kids seemed to love it and they just keep getting better. We just had meeting number 3 on Tuesday. We made pillows (not pictured) at the first meeting, candles at the second meeting and first aid kits at the third meeting. We also gave the kids little pouches to hold their kits & their home-made mini notebooks that Danielle helped us put together… the notebooks will be for their earned stickers (the little kids have more opportunities to earn stickers than badges for the first year or so).

"make sure you get your parent's help with the ointments"

the candles were made in various thrift store jelly jars


hondo in heaven

8 Mar

My sweeties got to spend Saturday at the Emerald City Comicon courtesy of Mike’s childhood friend Matt who manages Fantasy Comics in Tucson. I dropped them off and overheard a Sailor Moon girl calling a princess Leia girl “Cinnamon Buns” under her breath. Who knew there was trash talking at the inner-sanctum of nerddom? Obviously we take sides with the Star Wars nerds, as you can see below… 

Hondo, Mike, Matt & Katie

bff necklaces

2 Jan

This was my Christmas present for Amber, my new idea for a best friend necklace, she gets Washington (where I’m from) and I get Kansas (where she’s from).