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present belt, a new sensation…

13 Dec

I have a hard time breaking up thrift store sets… like when you find multiples of anything from drinking glasses to, I dunno, matching cheerleading sweaters, how can you break up items that have lived a whole life together? The funny thing is when I find a dress that comes with it’s original belt, the first thing that goes into the back of the closet is… the belt. Brown leather always wins over self-belt. The other funny thing is that even though I am a “visual person” (one of my pet peeve sayings) I can never wrap a present decent. Even if I hoard cute wrapping paper from the Borders going-out-of-business sale I never have ribbon & can’t quite execute it to perfection. But I just came up with the solution: Thrift store belt as gift wrap bow! Goodbye belt… I’ll be sad to see you go, but honestly when I got done with this dress you probably wouldn’t have ended up in the same donation bag anyway. Now you might be a cute bow for a 6 year old’s ponytail! A much finer fate.


house hunters

1 Oct

I actually wrote this on May 26, but never posted it… Talk about behind schedule! Well, I’m posting it anyway since it’s part of the narrative of the last 5 months, which will henceforth be known as “The Kelly’s Renaissance.”

The bad news is that I have been too preoccupied to write much, the good news is that someone came to look at our house yesterday and they actually made an offer!!! Please, please, please, please let the bank accept it. We are doing a short sale and will be at the mercy of the banks approval on any offers that come along.

Now my compulsive craigslist apartment hunting might finally come to fruition…

We just need to find a place with hardwood floors, a dishwasher, preferably a washer/dryer that allows microscopic dogs in West Seattle. Honestly, we can probably get by with a 1 bedroom if there is ample closet and/or storage space. We only spend time in 3 rooms as a family, Hondo’s room, me & Mike’s room and the kitchen. Why do we even have a living room? To hold our stereo? So I am looking for NYC & Paris style tiny apartment inspiration. Hopefully with a nice enough landlord that I can decorate in some delerious Umbrellas of Cherbourg fashion.