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prehistoric fashion blogging

31 Dec

Here’s a fun holiday look from 1997, featuring a wiglet which actually looks pretty legit, like Jessica Lange from American Horror Story (new fave show!). The faux-fur-lined chinoiserie jacket which was a previously most-prized possession. I just wish I had better shoes on. They are probably from Payless since at the time all I ate was bagels with no cream cheese (too expensive!) & mountain dew because it was cheaper than coffee in NY. Poorsville. The LBD belonged to my grandmother, it’s velveteen with those weird little armpit sweat pads on the inside. I like old details like that. It reminds me of being in her bathroom and her deodorant was in a little metal tin sort of like Murray’s pomade. Why don’t clothes still have that? Nothing is worse than a dude with pit-stains on a french blue or heather grey shirt… bring back pit-liners in 2012! Happy new year!


prehistoric fashion blogging

27 Nov

My intention was to use these funny old pictures as fill-ins when I didn’t have any time to write… the past 6 months have gotten the best of me so thoroughly that I couldn’t even do that much! Anyway, here is another gem from 1998-ish. I am still all about the black tights. And those old quilted jackets? I haven’t seen one at the thrift store in ages… I used to have multiples. This was right before I moved back to Seattle from Brooklyn, that’s why my mattress is propped up against the wall. I might have also been crying (judging by the flushy cheeks) because our family dog back home here in Seattle was dying & I wasn’t sure if I would get back in time to see her.

where babies come from

8 Oct

Today Hondo mentioned something to me about “when daddy found me” to which I had to inquire, “where exactly do you think you came from?” Turns out that Hondo has made up his own version of the birds & the bees story. (Guess we dodged that bullet, huh?) Hondo explained that sometime after Mike moved to Seattle he found Hondo swaddled on the ground. Who swaddled him & left him there? A stranger. “sort of like when Hagrid left Harry Potter” on the Dursley’s doorstep. After Mike & I met and got married, the doctor cut my belly open & put Hondo in it. Then they took him out. So it seems to be kind of a Harry Potter meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers scenario. Definitely better than anything I could come up with. It kind of reminded me of a more genuine version of this


the inspiration



found baby!

Dedicated to baby Grayson who was so lucky to be found by Matt & given to Katie.

prehistoric fashion blogging

4 May

Ah, the white birkenstocks. I got a lot of flack for those but they were all the rage in Cutie magazine in 1997. I used to have a “subscription” to Cutie from a Japanese book store called Zakka that was off West Broadway in Soho. Really they just put one aside for me every two weeks when the shipment came in. I would have my Japanese friend Rie read all the captions to me for the street style shots and they were pretty amazing. Girls who dressed in Misfits sweaters with plaid bondage pants & eyeliner that looked like it was drawn with Sharpee would be revealed as nursing students who liked puppies. I think at this point my apartment was in shambles because I had just dropped out of my junior year at Parsons & was biding time before moving back to Seattle. I look like I’d been crying. I probably was. I was in the middle of suppressing a nervous breakdown.

prehistoric fashion blogging

11 Apr

Whoa. Demi Moore meets Susan Sarandon in The Hunger? Meaning pouty St. Elmo’s Fire face meets jaunty hat-made-of-hair.

For quite a while I was obsessed with quilted thrift store nylon old-lady coats. I’m sure I’ve had a dozen or more but I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one at the thrift store. Maybe they belong on the endangered species list… Also of note: slip longer than dress. It was intentional.

prehistoric fashion blogging

30 Mar

items of note: vintage adidas bag, cherry blossom in hair, biker watch, studded turquoise wrist band, T-square & drawing board on floor, John Fluevogs

Back when I was a wee lass of 19, (in the 20th century) I used to make my boyfriend take pictures of me every day. I’m pretty sure this was a precursor to modern blogging, although there was no audience. I think the idea was that it would be fun to look back on the pictures when I’m an ole-lady. We have been re-watching ‘Six Feet Under’ lately (this look is SO Claire) and I can confirm, fashion from the year 2000 seems stale. It was bound to happen. But mark my word… all the awkward layers & sporty accents will seem fresh again in a few years. Plus the “Flat-forms” are back already and god knows I was a fan back then. Unfortunately these pics were taken with something called a 35 mm camera. You actually had to load it with film and be very careful not to expose it to light. And you had no idea how your pictures turned out until you finished the roll and had it developed! So, long story short, you can’t really see the details on the Frankenstein velcro shoes I am wearing. Luckily I found a slightly shorter (!) example of them in a USA colorway so you can get the idea…