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Hondo for Marc By Marc Jacobs

14 Apr

Is it possible that this Marc By Marc Jacobs knapsack was inspired by my beloved little Hondo’s backpack? Is Hondo hitting the NYC club scene at night and influencing the big designers?

when it was shiny & new in February 2010


hot glue gun conundrum

17 Jan



When I was about 8 I had to transfer my campfire patches from my little-girl ‘Bluebird’ sash to my big-girl ‘Adventurer’ vest in addition to sewing on all my recently acquired patches. I started to get into it and was quickly dissatisfied with the speed of the project. I probably whined for my mom to help me (my mom is a professional quilter and is such a fast seamstress that a couple of times in elementary school when I was out of clean pants she actually whipped me up a pair of leggings before the bus came). Anyway, she probably wanted me to do the task myself and somehow we decided to use the hot glue gun… What a great idea! After that things were going smoothly, patch after patch adhered in moments. Then I ran out of glue. So I reloaded a fresh new rod of congealed cold glue into the back of the glue gun which caused all the residual glue from the last stick to pour out of the nozzle and onto the palm of my left hand. I screamed and my mom grabbed my hand and ripped the glue scab right off along with the top few layers of skin. It was horrific. I never used a glue gun again until installing holiday 2009 on the visual team of a major retailer. You just can’t do that job without one. But I did manage to go 2 years at Parsons School of Design without the use of one which is quite a feat.

I recently reclaimed a few of my patches and sewed them onto my jean jacket…

gocco print on felt patch

felt applique holiday cards

15 Dec

I volunteered Hondo & me to make holiday cards for his teachers at school. The other parents wanted something “kid made”, OK, so these are definitely mommy & kid collab but Hondo did different jobs than you probably thought…

He dictated the color combos and told me what to make: “make it a truck” or “make it a girl” and I filled in the rest. Then he stood in front of me and pressed the peddle of the sewing machine while I moved the cards around under the presser-foot. We did some of this on his quilt, but he didn’t know what the end product was going to be. He is really into sewing now.

clone wars quilt

13 Dec

For Christmas I made Hondo a ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ quilt, mostly so I didn’t have to buy some crappy licensed sheets from Target…