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28 Nov

After the Comicon we spent our last day in San Diego at Legoland. Mike’s mom’s bowling team mate works for Lego (dreamy!) and got us a couple of comp tickets. What a treat! 

Lego bulk aisle

raw Lego plastic nibs

One of the coolest things that happened was that this lovely lady Renata who runs the mini Lego Factory took us on a behind the scenes tour. We weren’t sure if she singled us out because she saw Hondo’s pump or if we were just regular plain old lucky. She gave us a handful of the raw bits that legos are made of & took a bit of molten lego off the press & made a little lego goo sculpture for us.





Lego textiles

Some inspiring home decor ideas, I fully intend to make a lego Navajo blanket & some ethnic masks for our walls…


pirate cannon

The mini Star Wars exhibit is pretty awe-inspiring. The details are so perfect & minute and it’s all made with the more classic brick shapes.

Does anyone else smell bantha budu?


ewok village

millenium falcon

There are also lego depictions of different cities & world landmarks… my favorite being the sort of antiquated version of the old seedy times square. Amazing…

times square rolexes

tour de france


where babies come from

8 Oct

Today Hondo mentioned something to me about “when daddy found me” to which I had to inquire, “where exactly do you think you came from?” Turns out that Hondo has made up his own version of the birds & the bees story. (Guess we dodged that bullet, huh?) Hondo explained that sometime after Mike moved to Seattle he found Hondo swaddled on the ground. Who swaddled him & left him there? A stranger. “sort of like when Hagrid left Harry Potter” on the Dursley’s doorstep. After Mike & I met and got married, the doctor cut my belly open & put Hondo in it. Then they took him out. So it seems to be kind of a Harry Potter meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers scenario. Definitely better than anything I could come up with. It kind of reminded me of a more genuine version of this


the inspiration



found baby!

Dedicated to baby Grayson who was so lucky to be found by Matt & given to Katie.

desert museum

22 Jun

Remind me to go to Arizona every Memorial Day when it’s still struggling to reach 60 degrees in Seattle. It is the perfect antidote to all those pesky side effects of low vitamin D levels. Now that we have a kid we get to do all kinds of fun touristy stuff that we never used to do there like go to the Sonora Desert Museum. I think I got a little bit of heat stroke from this visit but it was still fun.

nothing is cuter than prairie dogs

Mike & Hondo with Uncle Brian

wild lizard

javelinas, they are only as closely related to pigs as we are to chimpanzees

Mike & Hondo with Grandma & Grandpa

Paloverde ecosystem

mine cars

camp fire kids

12 May

Amber & I started a camp fire troop, it’s been a little crazy but really fun. I kind of had social anxiety about the first meeting but the kids seemed to love it and they just keep getting better. We just had meeting number 3 on Tuesday. We made pillows (not pictured) at the first meeting, candles at the second meeting and first aid kits at the third meeting. We also gave the kids little pouches to hold their kits & their home-made mini notebooks that Danielle helped us put together… the notebooks will be for their earned stickers (the little kids have more opportunities to earn stickers than badges for the first year or so).

"make sure you get your parent's help with the ointments"

the candles were made in various thrift store jelly jars

Hondo for Marc By Marc Jacobs

14 Apr

Is it possible that this Marc By Marc Jacobs knapsack was inspired by my beloved little Hondo’s backpack? Is Hondo hitting the NYC club scene at night and influencing the big designers?

when it was shiny & new in February 2010

gluten-free layer cake

6 Apr

I forgot to post these pics, this was Hondo’s family birthday party at my mom’s house. I used the leftover chocolate buttercream for the filling in the cake and made Joy of Cooking’s chocolate satin frosting for the outside. Hoo-boy. That frosting is a crowd-pleaser. It’s made with evaporated milk (note to self: condensed milk is the essence of dulce de leche, much more prevalent at the mexi-centric grocery stores in my neighborhood, don’t mix them up next time…). I made the cake from scratch but from now on I might just use the Pamela’s gluten-free cake mixes. They are way easier & always turn out moist & delicious. Not that my cake wasn’t good. Everybody had seconds. But honestly, as my own worst critic, the cake was a little dry. Now all I need is a lovely flat crystal cake plate… (the pink plates have always been too curved to respectably hold a cake).

hondo in heaven

8 Mar

My sweeties got to spend Saturday at the Emerald City Comicon courtesy of Mike’s childhood friend Matt who manages Fantasy Comics in Tucson. I dropped them off and overheard a Sailor Moon girl calling a princess Leia girl “Cinnamon Buns” under her breath. Who knew there was trash talking at the inner-sanctum of nerddom? Obviously we take sides with the Star Wars nerds, as you can see below… 

Hondo, Mike, Matt & Katie