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kustom klogs

21 Apr



I wonder when my clogs obsession will end… is it an innate tendancy for a native pacific-northwesterner to have a predilection for scandie-wooden shoes?? Perhaps. Anyway, here is a link to the candy shoppe of clog stores, Sven custom clogs, they come up to a size 43 in every material from silver metallic to fuchsia suede. It literally took me a year to make up my mind… finally I settled on medium-heeled smooth grey leather diamond t-strap sandals with a natural sole to be exact. They were the “deal of the day” for about 3 weeks. Incidentally the fake one-day only deal is totally working on me. I go to the website near daily & ‘friended’ them on facebook just to keep up with the promo!


the Imelda Marcos of the #54 bus

12 Mar

This is my real bestowed nickname on my bus… it’s particularly funny because I don’t really have that many shoes. And the ones I have aren’t particularly amazing (‘cept for my pirate boots.) I wear a size 12 which greatly limits my selections, and also begat my bloodlust for shoes.

I’m thinking the reason I stand out on my route is because I might be the only girl who commits to a pair for the whole day, rather than switching out of my commuter sneakers when I reach the office…20120312-191518.jpg20120312-191550.jpg20120312-191607.jpg20120312-191542.jpg



prehistoric fashion blogging

22 Jan

Remember nameplate necklaces & hoop earrings? Youth size M sports tees? I do. Obviously… Btw, this was before Patricia Field sold out the nameplate to Sex in the City. I bought it at the Fulton Street Mall in Brooklyn. It’s not really a mall, more of a street with shops in this order: gold, wigs, timberlands, & repeat for 3 blocks on both sides.