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prehistoric fashion blogging

31 Dec

Here’s a fun holiday look from 1997, featuring a wiglet which actually looks pretty legit, like Jessica Lange from American Horror Story (new fave show!). The faux-fur-lined chinoiserie jacket which was a previously most-prized possession. I just wish I had better shoes on. They are probably from Payless since at the time all I ate was bagels with no cream cheese (too expensive!) & mountain dew because it was cheaper than coffee in NY. Poorsville. The LBD belonged to my grandmother, it’s velveteen with those weird little armpit sweat pads on the inside. I like old details like that. It reminds me of being in her bathroom and her deodorant was in a little metal tin sort of like Murray’s pomade. Why don’t clothes still have that? Nothing is worse than a dude with pit-stains on a french blue or heather grey shirt… bring back pit-liners in 2012! Happy new year!


prehistoric fashion blogging

11 Apr

Whoa. Demi Moore meets Susan Sarandon in The Hunger? Meaning pouty St. Elmo’s Fire face meets jaunty hat-made-of-hair.

For quite a while I was obsessed with quilted thrift store nylon old-lady coats. I’m sure I’ve had a dozen or more but I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one at the thrift store. Maybe they belong on the endangered species list… Also of note: slip longer than dress. It was intentional.

sonia rykiel hair

10 Apr

photo by Hondo

I did my first “informal modeling” job last night, partying it up for a Christine Chaney fashion show/cocktail party at Halo. After brushing my hair out this morning I was left with the perfect fuzzy mane of Sonia Rykiel hair. Oh la la… throw on a stripey top & call it a day.

brigitte nielsen in cobra

18 Feb

Mike was watching ‘Cobra’ the other night, I only saw a few minutes of it, I think it was about a serial killer trying to kill Brigitte Nielsen and Stallone is a cop trying to protect her. She plays a fashion model with some seriously dubious modeling scenes where she is voguing among junkyard robots. Anyway, in her model-off-duty scenes she looks uh-mazing. I totally forgot how stunning she can be ever since that whole Flava-Flav debaucle.

linda ronstadt for gunne sax

20 Jan

This dress would be perfect for your Linda Ronstadt look… (I would buy it myself except that it’s too tiny).

Amber & I have had Linda on the brain for a while.

Then synchronicity happens:

Mike bought one of her albums at the thrift store.

I mentioned her bangs to my lovely hairdresser Laura and she said another hairdresser at Halo is growing her hair out like Linda Ronstadt after receiving an album for Christmas.

Here are some more inspiring looks including the iconic image of her signing in studio with a porky pig holding an american flag muscle-t on. I have “vintage porky pig t-shirt” in my ebay saved searches because of this very photo. Also… this converstation is making me re-think oversized hoop earrings.

fantastic sam’s

7 Jan

When I was in 4th grade I learned my first lesson about getting a haircut that is beyond your hair-styling proficiency level. It was actually a lot like my haircut now, a modified mullet where the bangs are cut pretty far back but my hair was just above shoulder length and the bangs were way way way more textured. I got it cut at the Fantastic Sam’s next to the Wedgewood Broiler on 35th, the stylist used a curling iron to fluff up the bangs and it never looked the same again after that day. So I plugged in our orange handled curling iron with the white barrel and set to work…

we had one just like this, it had a little water receptacle at the top and when it heated up you could steam your hair by pressing down on the tip

I quickly proceeded to give myself a terrible quarter-plus sized burn on the forehead. I tried to cover it up with my bangs but my mom noticed it within hours. Here is the best part: when my mom asked me about it I blamed the hairdresser! Luckily I don’t have a mother prone to litigation or anything. She didn’t even go up to Fantastic Sam’s and yell at the lady. She may have known I was lying though.

me in 4th grade (circa the curling iron incident). nice braces… I mean, nice teddy bear sweatshirt, uh, I mean, nice white button up… I might actually wear that outfit tomorrow.

I just realized something- when I used to work at Halo hair salon Laura had said someone “had a good hairline” so they should wear their hair back or something, I didn’t really know what constituted a good hairline so I asked Laura if I had one and she said, “no, because you have a bald spot” and I just made the connection that that bald spot is probably from that burn!


22 Dec

Gretchen Jones helped me get the bangs I always wanted. I think I have been wanting them cut further back, further back, further back but couldn’t quite articulate it. But when someone on TV has the haircut you want it makes it much easier: “Gretchen bangs, please…” and voila, I now have a 60’s singer/songwriter girl mullet which we Laura at Halo and I dubbed “a Vidal Sassoon 5-point in the front, and Jane Birkin in the back”.

This last Grace Slick is just for inspiration, for some reason I NEED a black turtleneck some kitten-heeled pointy black boots now… (more on turtlenecks later).