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for the love of all that is cute in the world…

15 Apr

Picked these little wooden Polish dollies up on the way home from my mom’s at the Crown Hill Value Village. (Rumored to be the very biggest Value Village in the world). I am dying for those little jeans!


dream house

12 Mar


I was so tempted to buy this Barbie Dream House at the Tacoma Goodwill. It gave me a little 1982 Christmas “desperation whilst pouring over the Sears catalog” feeling.

oh yes, these are real.

8 Feb

Oh Donald J. Pliner. Of course you would make a beaded tribute to your dog in the style of a men’s formal slipper. Honestly. What luxury comfort footwear designer wouldn’t?

And if you want these you should act fast. Nordstrom is already sold out of like half of the sizes! Please say they only ordered one size run for the whole company…

dream pets

22 Jan

I heart the aesthetic of Dream Pets. They are tiny velveteen animals stuffed with saw dust and they have kind of crude appliques and what looks like sharpee marker details. The Japanese brand Dakin originally made Dream Pets as packing material for their toy trains (thank you wikipedia). Can you imagine if the world were still such a wonderful place? If everything you ever purchased that came encased with styrofoam came instead with these little guys? Every episode of hoarders would be way way way cuter.

epic thrift

5 Dec

Amazing thrift shopping this weekend… after some major success with our chores we treated ourselves to the south King County Oddessy of thrifting, Renton & Tukwila Goodwills & St. Vincent de Paul (St. V. de P.). We actually have been known to go on longer more comprehensive journies (Marysville & Everett or Tacoma & Puyallup) but those three close by stores treat us so good every time…

A new aran cardigan, a cute slim black wool jersey vintage dress, some men’s brogues, high waisted fatigue shorts that I will be using to recreate this Debbie Harry Blondie Live in 1978 look, and a stretchy knit Escada skirt (!).

Also got a Mary, Joseph & Baby Jesus plastic blow mold nativity scene. Now I just need a little moses basket for Baby J.

sunshine family

17 Nov

Growing up I had a basket of toys in the closet of the TV room at my grandma & grandpa’s house which included tons of Barbie’s and my aunt’s old Sunshine Family dolls. I remember thinking that the Sunshine Family was pretty frumpy but their baby ‘Baby Sweets’ was a great stand in for Barbie’s baby (I guess Barbie is supposed to be a young professional, not a mother).

This summer I was lucky enough to find the mom (Steffie) & dad (Steven) at a church rummage sale this summer and then I almost had a heart attack when I found the Sunshine Family Craft Store at a St. Vincent de Paul shortly thereafter…

The baby shown is not actually Baby Sweets, just a stand in found at the thrift store.

4 hours of macrame class? why not?