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sushi kudasai

15 Mar

With Japan in our hearts & on our minds…

Japanese restaurant food is pretty much untouchable for the gluten-free because of the prevalence of conventional soy sauce… so as per usual, of course we have to figure out how to make it on our own. Luckily we live in Seattle so there are millions of cool gadgets at fun stores like Uwajimaya & Daiso Japan. The main gadget you need is a little bamboo sushi mat. But for fun you might want to try the little onigiri presses. They are little plastic forms that you press your sticky rice into to make cute shapes like the bear above. Then if you are feeling really inspired you can get these crazy little paper punchers to make faces out of nori (I hand cut the one above using scissors).

Basically the recipe for sticky rice is your main component. Everything else you can sort of wing it on. Note: sometimes the rice is called glutinous rice but I promise it’s still gluten free. It just means it’s sticky. Also- be careful when selecting your nori (seaweed sheets) because many of them are seasoned with soy sauce (the wheat kind).

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2 Mar

You see, the ‘S’ is for super, and the ‘U’ is for unique
The ‘P’ is for perfection and you know that we are freaks
The ‘E’ is for exotic, and the ‘R’ is for raps
So tell those nosy people just to stay the hell back

Could this please be the new jingle for all products that feature “Sonic” something-something?

So far this year I got us all sonicare toothbrushes & just got a really cute pastel orange Clarisonic skincare brush from Amber. I’m sold. Please say the ability to sonically remove debris from my life doesn’t stop here… maybe I need a sonic sink spray head to more effectively rinse my dishes, or could sonic technology get that pesky Northwest-winter-musty-odor out of my bath towels? (please!)

Here are my real reviews:

Sonicare Toothbrushes- The dental hygienist pressured me into this purchase. She fed me some repetitive line about how it only takes 12 hours for something-something to happen in your mouth. She said it like 10 times and I started to think it might be her nervous tick. Anyway, the notion burrowed it’s way into my brain and here we are with 3 expensive toothbrushes. Luckily we like them. I feel like it sort of makes up for the fact that at least once a week I am too tired to brush my teeth before bed. But the real star is the little kids sonicare. Man. It makes brushing Hondo’s teeth so much easier. It’s tinier so it’s easier to get the back teeth and you don’t jab your kid in the gums because you don’t have to use such vigorous motion to do a good job. Seriously. Worth it.

Clarisonic- My Kate Somerville ‘Exfolikate’ exfoliating treatment dried up. I think they updated the packaging since then because of this. I was only half way through the jar and it turned so thick that I had to forcibly open it up and add water in order for it to be viscous enough to come out of the spout. Anyway, needless to say, I haven’t been exfoliating lately. Then I was reading on Yahoo something about the hidden signs of aging or some such thing that said dullness=oldness so use a skinbrush. At the same time we were making Clarisonic signs at work. Working in a signshop is funny because you are constantly researching products to verify pricing, enhance copy, etc. and you find yourself learning a lot about things you don’t care about. Like self-tanner. Then you are your own casualty of advertising and start to think you need these things. Luckily Amber has meetings with cosmetic big-wigs once a week and sometimes reaps the benefits of gratis (gratis=free stuff from vendors). She had this little Clarisonic that I had just become so familiar with at her desk. “Where’d you get that??” I asked. “In a meeting, do you want it?” Cue “that’s what friends are for” by Dionne Warwick.

grapefruit spoon

30 Jan

I love a good grapefruit. But I will only eat it with a serrated grapefruit spoon. I bought two lovely organic grapefruits a couple of weeks ago and much to my dismay my little toothy spoon must have been misplaced in our last move…

So I tried to buy a new one. Am I the only modern person who eats grapefruit this way? They don’t carry them anywhere. (OK, so I didn’t check everywhere but Target didn’t have one and obviously you can probably order one one line but that’s beside the point).

I decided to try the Goodwill and risk my digits sifting through the cutlery bin and actually found a couple. 20¢ later…

imageWhat do other people do? Does everyone carefully showcase their knife skills and segment their grapefruit like a Top Chef contestant?

can’t live, if living is without you…

19 Jan

Here is my clean little secret… a mini-steamer. Before this was a part of my life I would have a pile of clothes that are too complicated to iron that I would never wear again…

After working on the visual team at a retail store I realized that a hand-held steamer is the most brilliant answer to that problem. I hate ironing as an hour long chore but plugging the steamer in while I’m doing my makeup and quickly steaming one or two garments is totally do-able.

Note: Do not steam any clothing item while you are wearing it. You will burn yourself and not just superficially… not that I learned that the hard way or anything.

star wars pancakes

13 Jan

williams sonoma star wars pancake molds

the dark side of pancakes

taste good master yoda pancake... hmmm?

Grandma & Grandpa gave us an amazing Christmas present, Star Wars pancake molds! I’m not gonna lie, they are a little challenging to use but super fun. Along with gluten-free Bisquick? Amazing.

my locksmith

6 Jan


I rejoined the gym the other day (with the unfortunate timing falling very close to New Year’s when the gyms are notoriously over-crowded) only to find that I could not for the life of me remember my combination lock code. I tried many seemingly familiar combinations of numbers to no avail. Then my lovely cubicle neighbor Danielle overheard my struggle… “just pull the arm up while you turn the dial and you’ll feel the dial hesitate at the right numbers” she said. I couldn’t make it work so she took over. She cracked the code in less than 5 minutes! She claims this is a trick of the trade she learned as a swim instructor. Where did she teach swimming lessons? Alcatraz?