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diabetes emergency preparedness

15 Mar

Every time there is a disaster in the world I get a little panicky about our personal family disaster plan. I’m guessing that all parents of type 1 kids feel this way, insulin is life-support and a diabetic can’t live without it. I can’t imaging wandering for miles to a relief shelter after a hurricane or tsunami and running out of supplies in the weeks it takes to (somewhat) recover from these situations. It’s extra complicated too because with our insurance system we have to fight to get enough supplies for day-to-day living, let alone extras for emergencies. For example, I ask for 400 test strips per month because we test Hondo’s blood sugar at least 9-12 times a day, but it can be 15+ times per sick day (and he’s in preschool where runny nose days can easily outnumber dry nose days). His prescription has magically turned into 400 per 3 months more than once and then I have to fight to get the remainder of the strips. Argh. It doesn’t necessarily take an earthquake as epic as last week’s in Sendai, Japan to quantify the emergency either, when snowfall cripples the north east United States for more than a few days you hear about emergency rescues of diabetics.

I was reading this bit of advice on my Parents of Type 1 group that is based in San Francisco where they know how bad earthquake damage can be…

Burying supplies keeps insulin cool and protects from fire:
Place supplies in Ziploc bags and then in a large mouth thermos.
Wrap the thermos in a plastic bag.
Bury about 4 inches under the soil.
Put a stepping stone over the spot.
Swap out the contents every 6 months to keep things fresh.

Now I just need to bury a kit in my backyard, at preschool, and at my mom’s house, the three places Hondo spends most of his time. Plus a 3 day supply of gluten-free food & water for three and a family meeting place… why is it so hard to get this together?


gala appropriate

5 Mar

I volunteered as a ‘Super Silent Auction Spotter’ tonight at the JDRF annual Dream Gala. When my packet came with my assignment I was surprised to read that the suggested dress code was “evening gown, cocktail dress or dinner suit”. I thought we would just be expected to dress like amateur wait-staff. If it hadn’t said “dinner suit” I may not have thought of wearing this but I felt pretty happy about this outfit among a sea of odd eveningwear. Why does eveningwear always have hanger tabs & hanger straps that are so challenging to conceal? It totally ruins the illusion of put-togetherness.

Also I got my eye makeup done at the YSL counter today. Unfortunately it was a Cosmetics Trend Show today (I had a sneaking feeling it might be) but I got squeezed in for a quickie anyway. It doesn’t look so dramatic in the photo but it was kind of brown & smokey in real life.

The JDRF Seattle Dream Gala raised over 3 million dollars for Diabetes research last year, I can’t wait to see the results this year. The super silent auction was at $68,000 when I last checked before I left. There were amazing auction items like a chance to go to the premiere of Cars 2 at the theater where Pixar does their premieres near San Francisco. Will Owen Wilson be there?  Also a lot of golf & wine auctions.

gluten-free (lower) carb waffles

23 Dec

Waffles seem to be a really difficult thing for Hondo’s blood sugar, but we keep trying… lately I keep trying the gluten-free Bisquick recipe on the back of the box & substitute about half TJ’s almond meal for the bisquick amount. Gluten-free Bisquick tastes delish though. Highly recommended. Supposedly these are about 15 carbs each with the almond meal but I am going to count them as 20 a piece next time to attempt to avoid the over-300 blood glucose levels.




3 Dec

This morning while lying in bed contemplating whether my headache was bad enough to call in sick (it probably was, but I didn’t) I recalled a crazy feeling I had when Hondo was diagnosed with diabetes. I used to try to go to bed at night and not be able to un-focus my eyes. This is one of those things you take for granted that you do every night, you lay your head on your pillow and your eyes go all soft-focus. I would lie there and try to un-strain my eyes like you would consciously release your scrunched up shoulders while sitting at your computer and I just couldn’t. This is totally one of those things where when you have an infant and you learn to function on minimal amounts of sleep and then your kid is diagnosed with diabetes and your body learns a new alarm function where you can awaken at midnight, 3 am, 6 am etc. for blood sugar tests and you wonder, could I be a spy? Surely spy training is not as rigorous or demanding as parenthood…

world diabetes day!

14 Nov

To celebrate we jumped on trampolines for two hours straight, we went to a JDRF event at Sky High Sports in Bellevue. It was pretty amazing and totally exhausting…

The A1C

13 Nov

Somehow even though in the past 3 months Hondo started preschool, has been sick more often than not, and grew an inch which seemed to cause endless high blood sugars he ended up with a 7.3 A1C today, down from 7.8 in August and 8.3 in May. Thank god for the pump. Even when we think we are losing our grip on the situation we are still doing so much better than when Hondo was on multiple daily injections. Phew.

roasted chickpeas

11 Nov

I have been meaning to make this for a while, turns out it’s super easy, low carb (.15 carbs/gram) and Hondo devoured them. It was all I could do just to take this picture as he was hovering nearby asking, “can I have the rest of them now?” every time the camera clicked.

Here’s what you do:

preheat your oven to 450

drain a can (or two) of garbanzo beans

place a papertowel on the cookie sheet you are going to use and empty the can on to that, take another papertowel and gently roll the beans between the two towels so they are slightly dried off

pull the paper towels out leaving the beans on the cookie sheet and drizle them with a tablespoon of olive oil (more if you use 2 cans)

season with salt and whatever other flavor you might like: garlic powder, chili powder, etc., I used some dried rosemary

roast them for about 30 minutes until they are golden brown.

have a few bites before you serve them because there probably won’t be any left…