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grey gardens

8 Jun

I’m done with the yard. Forever.

The hardest part about having the house on the market is keeping it model-home clean so it can be shown at the drop of a hat when a realtor calls. The impossible thing is keeping the yard in check. The last time I mowed was exactly 2 weeks ago and the mower died halfway through. So I did what any super-multi-tasking mom would do & parked it and abandoned the project. Unfortunately the next day someone called to look at the house! I was stressing, I thought that the half-mowed yard would deter the potential buyers, like they would see that half-assed job I did & realize that it is more yard than anyone needs. I started brainstorming ways to use marketing strategy to make it seem desirable, like adding “meadow-like setting” to the MLS listing for our house. But really, it just looks like Grey Gardens. The good news is that they must love manual labor because they made an offer! They wrote us a nice letter that said they were planning on starting a family and the wife was excited by my sewing room because she is into making costumes & the husband is already looking forward to practicing martial arts in the yard! Of course this piqued my interest and in about 2 minutes of internet stalking I found pictures of the couple at Norwescon, the Northwest’s Premier Fantasy & Sci-Fi convention. Amazing.

Yoshi dwarved by the jungle grasses.

I told Mike that when we move to an apartment I will be getting this tattoo:

incidentally this image is actually the miriam webster on-line dictionary definition image of a lawnmower


buy our house!

25 Apr

It’s official, we are downsizing. We put our house on the market on Friday, it’s a steal if anyone you know would like to buy it. $230,000 for 2250 square feet. That’s a lot of house for the money, it has 6 bedrooms, 2 of which we use to sleep in. We have a sewing room, an art studio, a walk-in closet & a guest room occupying the other 4. It’s around the corner from Loretta’s Northwesterner, cult-favorite Muy Macho, Via Vadi cafe & Napoli Pizza (a family owned conjoined cafe & pizza place) and walking distance to the South Park Library & Community Center.

front exterior


kitchen cooking area

kitchen eating area

living room

main floor bedroom/guest room

main floor/master bathroom off of guest room

main floor bathroom laundry

upstairs landing

our bedroom

Hondo's bedroom

bedroom/walk-in closet

bedroom/sewing room

bedroom/art studio

upstairs bathroom

backyard with lilacs & plum tree

back exterior