big sur

29 Nov

finally out of LA

rest stop wildlife

After our trip to San Diego we drove back up the coast to Seattle. If you ever google map the route between San Diego & Big Sur you will see that it says 7.5 hours, up to 10 hours in traffic. Um, LA traffic is no joke. I don’t know if there is a non-rush hour time of day there. We took a 1 hour break and it literally took us over 12 hours.

I don’t recommend driving on California Hwy 1 at midnight either. It is crazy windey and the visibility is, oh, maybe 12 feet. It was a pretty terrifying experience, we were sure we were driving on the edge of a hundred foot cliff and that any false move would mean our demise. Kind of like when Pee Wee is riding with the ex-con Mickey in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure & the winding road signs turn all crazy & they end up crashing off the cliff and surounded by taxidermied wild animals… But we survived! And so we got to stay at the Ripplewood Resort in Big Sur.

The Ripplewood Resort has a super cute grocery with a decent variety of food. The attached gas station is something like the last gas station until Carmel. So they charge upwards of $4 per gallon. But hey, they have to get that gas delivered in the middle of nowhere so they have to pass the spendings on to you, right?

Mike & Hondo lego-ing in the cabin

Hondo's drawing

A surprise drawing left in Hondo's sketchbook by our Japanese artist friend KaToPe

Ripplewood Resort is just up the road from Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park.


maxin' & relaxin'


One Response to “big sur”

  1. mish November 18, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    Ive stayed in those cabins, in the redwoods by the river. LOVE. and Pfeiffer purple sand beach. Sweet post. That drawing!

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