28 Nov

After the Comicon we spent our last day in San Diego at Legoland. Mike’s mom’s bowling team mate works for Lego (dreamy!) and got us a couple of comp tickets. What a treat! 

Lego bulk aisle

raw Lego plastic nibs

One of the coolest things that happened was that this lovely lady Renata who runs the mini Lego Factory took us on a behind the scenes tour. We weren’t sure if she singled us out because she saw Hondo’s pump or if we were just regular plain old lucky. She gave us a handful of the raw bits that legos are made of & took a bit of molten lego off the press & made a little lego goo sculpture for us.





Lego textiles

Some inspiring home decor ideas, I fully intend to make a lego Navajo blanket & some ethnic masks for our walls…


pirate cannon

The mini Star Wars exhibit is pretty awe-inspiring. The details are so perfect & minute and it’s all made with the more classic brick shapes.

Does anyone else smell bantha budu?


ewok village

millenium falcon

There are also lego depictions of different cities & world landmarks… my favorite being the sort of antiquated version of the old seedy times square. Amazing…

times square rolexes

tour de france


One Response to “Legoland!”

  1. Chris November 30, 2011 at 4:40 pm #

    The lego textile wall hanging is a brilliant idea!

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