4 Oct

We did have a pretty exciting summer, in July Hondo & I tagged along with Mike to the San Diego Comicon. It was Mike’s 5th time so to him it’s become more familiar, less dazzling, a job more or less. To us it was crazy exciting, it was so crowded you could barely move. I should have gotten Hondo one of those child leashes to ease my fear of losing him in a sea of Storm Troopers & Sailor Moons…

Hondo had several people ask to take his photo right when we arrived. I wonder what character they thought he was dressed as? I’m pretty sure cowboy with a JDRF “Rufus” the diabetic teddy bear might have been the most original costume of the day.

Comicon is like the opposite of a normal social event. It’s no big deal if another girl is wearing the same outfit as you are. In fact, you will willingly pose for hundreds of pictures with that girl.

The lego booth had an collasal pile of yellow bricks that I couldn’t really capture in all it’s glory. It was like a 10 foot wide pile of gold at the end of a cartoon rainbow.

An amazing giant card-back Darth Vader package. Every dude dressed as Darth Vader got to have a little “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” moment here. 

pining for the new releases

MythBusters Adam & Jamie

trying out Rayman in the Sony Playstation booth

in between the two dudes is Hurley from Lost

Hondo always tells these guys, “I have a toy of you…”

Me & the hilarious Rob McElhenny from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (who was also on Lost one time, weird!)

Hondo with larger than life Ugly Dolls

That lady with the glasses & the burgundy shag haircut was literally Chewbacca’s handler. Does that mean that he was the “real” Chewbacca? Or maybe it was Justin Timberlake hiding out in a Chewbacca suit?

“I have a toy of you!”

Showed up to the party in the same Princess Leia costume? No problem! I like how the super tan & skinny one didn’t even bother to do her hair. Weird.

“I have a toy of you!”

“I have a toy of you!” This guy was actually one of me & Mike’s favorites. He really had the Jack Sparrow swagger down pat.

This D2 was remote controlled from an unknown source, it was totally magical.

“I have a toy of you.” Check.
Afterward Hondo & I went to Horton Plaza to have a break at the Nordstrom Cafe. When we were there we saw Mike Tyson. Hands down the most unexpected celebrity sighting ever. And what an entourage! Kind of overkill, don’t you think? Who would dare to mess with him anyway?


2 Responses to “comicon!”

  1. BDR-studio October 5, 2011 at 11:34 am #

    Does Mr. Tyson have his arm around that guy in the bowling T? I’m betting that’s his bestie 😉

  2. Jake and Emmett's ma October 10, 2011 at 9:25 pm #

    SQUUEEEEEEEE! I can’t believe you have a picture of yourself with one of the Always Sunny guys. I am watching it right now. No, really, I am! The show is so wrong its right. U R my hero!!!

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