old tucson

3 Aug

We just got back from an epic road trip from San Diego to Seattle and I wanted to post these pics of our trip to Old Tucson before I get sidetracked and move on to the next adventure. Old Tucson is a movie studio/theme park located just west of Tucson near Saguaro National Park. Hondo loved it, he is all about being a cowboy. I got him some Frye boots from Ebay before we left so that I could avoid buying him full price cowboy boots in Tucson. They didn’t leave his feet the whole time we were there despite the 100+ degree weather. We had a great time, it’s not too crowded even though it used to be Arizona’s #2 tourist attraction (just behind the Grand Canyon.)

Little House on the Prairie costumes

Real Guns!

This amazing school house is one of a handful of the original structures that remains (a fire in 1995 destroyed the rest.) They had the most amazingly creepy set up in here, with the slouchy mannequin school marm and some piped in audio of ghostly children’s voices reciting the alphabet and occasionally an adult woman’s voice would interject, “Enunciate, please.” It was amazing. Did I tell you it was amazing? Uh-mey-zing. Sorry, I only know one adjective.

The cast of the live action cowboy shows actually perform all the shows in the park, so you’ll see them do a goofy routine at this Alamo (which is one of the sets you might recognize from ‘The Three Amigos’,) and then you’ll see the girl do a completely earnest medley of popular western theme songs in the theater.


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