eclectic vintage preppy? parisienne americana?

6 Jul

There is a lot of talk going on about identities of customers at work lately. It makes you wonder… what kind of customer am I? Apparently I do not fall within the realm of “our core customer” since the only things I regularly buy from the store are skincare products, eyeliner, & black tights. Then you get those e-mailers from Shop Bop and it inevitably classifies the girls as: Bohemian, Downtown/Urban, and some variation of Sporty, Classic & Preppy. For some reason I always respond to the preppy outfits but that is the farthest from how I would describe myself. I prefer to think of my style as 70’s French girl who dresses like an American girl. Or American girl who dresses like a French girl. Which is either Françoise Hardy or Linda Eastman. Right?

It’s always uncomfortable to be summarized. Like when Amazon told me “people who like paranormal romances & gluten-free cookbooks are also reading…” Ugh. Is that all I am? Some annoying alternative baker who reads teen vampire romance novels? I’ll have you know, everyone read those vampire books that year. It should be no reflection on my taste level…

Anyway, sometimes I wonder if I will ever have grown up taste. I can hardly bring myself to buy a black piece of clothing (besides tights of course) and I kind of don’t care about edgy urban designers like Rick Owens or Alexander Wang too much (although as a person I do love Alexander Wang after seeing him on The Day Before,) I just can’t get over my quirky brights aesthetic, it’s a product of thrift store shopping and Sonia Rykiel & Marc Jacobs & A.P.C. just compliment it so much better than fancy grown-up art gallery curator kind of clothes.

I was once watching a vintage Sonia Rykiel sweater on ebay and the seller said it “reminded her of how her older sister used to dress when going to the roller rink in the 70’s, with super high-waisted dark jeans, shrunken stripey sweaters and jammy lip gloss.” Jammy lip gloss has stuck in my mind ever since.

Sonia spring/summer 2011— where can I get my hands on those jeans?

strawberry jammy lip gloss?

the ultimate american girl beauty accessory

On a side note, why didn’t I buy that ‘Lips’ land line phone from The Goodwill the other day? Well, because I can’t even imagine ever having a land line again. And it was $7.99. Highway robbery.

On another slightly related side note… some amazing 70’s English cosmetics ads:

Pot o’Gloss now glossing you over. All over. Lips. Cheeks. Eyes. Et cetera. And so forths. You’ve got to be young to get away with it.

I would NEVER let anyone get away with this copy. But I love how blasé it is with the “Et cetera & so forths.” And so ageist!


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