bootleg mouse lover

28 Apr

I like Mickey Mouse… but I love weird bootleg versions of Mickey & Minnie even more. I love the subtle nuances of wrong-ness you can find on items like these:

note the slightly crossed eyes & how Mickey's shoes disappear into the background

shop class coat hanger

obviously not Mickey but still fits the bill

I got this t-shirt around 2000

& got this in 2010

amazing Zuni jewelry from ebay

One time in 2003 Mike & I got to go to Bjork’s Summer Nights at the Pier as guests of Jeremy Scott. I can’t really recall exactly how that happened. Not that I was inebriated, more like stunned. I worked at Halo salon at the time and these guys who came to the salon somehow hooked up with Jeremy Scott while he was in Seattle and Bjork happened to be playing and he happened to have extra passes and they decided to invite me. Huh. I was completely star struck. I don’t think I ever even made eye contact with him. Which is weird because he is probably the least snooty designer, but possibly one of the more intimidating. Anyway, in usual Jeremy Scott fashion he was dressed crazy-town, with one of those mall-ish leather bomber jackets that had sports teams emblems all over it. Like every sports team. Maybe it was a fair-weather fan jacket. The most amazing thing though was his t-shirt. It was like a super-vintage weird bootleg featuring Mickey & Minnie as sort of early hip-hop characters and Mickey is saying “Yo-Yo-Yo Baby!” I am haunted by this shirt. I’m desperate for it. Unfortunately there are no search terms on ebay that define this. I just can’t find it anywhere. I think it’s his favorite t-shirt as you can see it peeking out under his clothes here:

Another reason I like Jeremy Scott... he's from Kansas City. Just like Amber (sort of. He is from the Missouri side & she is from the Kansas side).


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