gluten-free layer cake

6 Apr

I forgot to post these pics, this was Hondo’s family birthday party at my mom’s house. I used the leftover chocolate buttercream for the filling in the cake and made Joy of Cooking’s chocolate satin frosting for the outside. Hoo-boy. That frosting is a crowd-pleaser. It’s made with evaporated milk (note to self: condensed milk is the essence of dulce de leche, much more prevalent at the mexi-centric grocery stores in my neighborhood, don’t mix them up next time…). I made the cake from scratch but from now on I might just use the Pamela’s gluten-free cake mixes. They are way easier & always turn out moist & delicious. Not that my cake wasn’t good. Everybody had seconds. But honestly, as my own worst critic, the cake was a little dry. Now all I need is a lovely flat crystal cake plate… (the pink plates have always been too curved to respectably hold a cake).


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