prehistoric fashion blogging

30 Mar

items of note: vintage adidas bag, cherry blossom in hair, biker watch, studded turquoise wrist band, T-square & drawing board on floor, John Fluevogs

Back when I was a wee lass of 19, (in the 20th century) I used to make my boyfriend take pictures of me every day. I’m pretty sure this was a precursor to modern blogging, although there was no audience. I think the idea was that it would be fun to look back on the pictures when I’m an ole-lady. We have been re-watching ‘Six Feet Under’ lately (this look is SO Claire) and I can confirm, fashion from the year 2000 seems stale. It was bound to happen. But mark my word… all the awkward layers & sporty accents will seem fresh again in a few years. Plus the “Flat-forms” are back already and god knows I was a fan back then. Unfortunately these pics were taken with something called a 35 mm camera. You actually had to load it with film and be very careful not to expose it to light. And you had no idea how your pictures turned out until you finished the roll and had it developed! So, long story short, you can’t really see the details on the Frankenstein velcro shoes I am wearing. Luckily I found a slightly shorter (!) example of them in a USA colorway so you can get the idea…


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