diabetes emergency preparedness

15 Mar

Every time there is a disaster in the world I get a little panicky about our personal family disaster plan. I’m guessing that all parents of type 1 kids feel this way, insulin is life-support and a diabetic can’t live without it. I can’t imaging wandering for miles to a relief shelter after a hurricane or tsunami and running out of supplies in the weeks it takes to (somewhat) recover from these situations. It’s extra complicated too because with our insurance system we have to fight to get enough supplies for day-to-day living, let alone extras for emergencies. For example, I ask for 400 test strips per month because we test Hondo’s blood sugar at least 9-12 times a day, but it can be 15+ times per sick day (and he’s in preschool where runny nose days can easily outnumber dry nose days). His prescription has magically turned into 400 per 3 months more than once and then I have to fight to get the remainder of the strips. Argh. It doesn’t necessarily take an earthquake as epic as last week’s in Sendai, Japan to quantify the emergency either, when snowfall cripples the north east United States for more than a few days you hear about emergency rescues of diabetics.

I was reading this bit of advice on my Parents of Type 1 group that is based in San Francisco where they know how bad earthquake damage can be…

Burying supplies keeps insulin cool and protects from fire:
Place supplies in Ziploc bags and then in a large mouth thermos.
Wrap the thermos in a plastic bag.
Bury about 4 inches under the soil.
Put a stepping stone over the spot.
Swap out the contents every 6 months to keep things fresh.

Now I just need to bury a kit in my backyard, at preschool, and at my mom’s house, the three places Hondo spends most of his time. Plus a 3 day supply of gluten-free food & water for three and a family meeting place… why is it so hard to get this together?


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