gala appropriate

5 Mar

I volunteered as a ‘Super Silent Auction Spotter’ tonight at the JDRF annual Dream Gala. When my packet came with my assignment I was surprised to read that the suggested dress code was “evening gown, cocktail dress or dinner suit”. I thought we would just be expected to dress like amateur wait-staff. If it hadn’t said “dinner suit” I may not have thought of wearing this but I felt pretty happy about this outfit among a sea of odd eveningwear. Why does eveningwear always have hanger tabs & hanger straps that are so challenging to conceal? It totally ruins the illusion of put-togetherness.

Also I got my eye makeup done at the YSL counter today. Unfortunately it was a Cosmetics Trend Show today (I had a sneaking feeling it might be) but I got squeezed in for a quickie anyway. It doesn’t look so dramatic in the photo but it was kind of brown & smokey in real life.

The JDRF Seattle Dream Gala raised over 3 million dollars for Diabetes research last year, I can’t wait to see the results this year. The super silent auction was at $68,000 when I last checked before I left. There were amazing auction items like a chance to go to the premiere of Cars 2 at the theater where Pixar does their premieres near San Francisco. Will Owen Wilson be there?  Also a lot of golf & wine auctions.


2 Responses to “gala appropriate”

  1. Chris March 9, 2011 at 7:11 pm #

    Love the look!

    What exactly does one get to do as an “Auction Spotter”?

  2. fashionblood March 9, 2011 at 8:33 pm #

    Mostly you help the elderly operate a wireless bidding device. But you also smile and say “hi” to richies and try to not be offended when they dismiss you and conversely not get too excited when they really want to talk to you & bid on stuff.

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