how to save $100

28 Feb

This is $150 worth of gluten-free food purchased for about $40 at Albertsons on the clearance shelf. Its all in date; with expiration dates in 2012. I have my mom to thank for finding this bargain. It’s kind of her mission in life. My mom is a Supersaver. You probably picture someone who clips coupons and drives around to 14 different grocery stores to get the cheapest everything just to save a trivial sum. Oh no. It goes much deeper and more efficient than this. Growing up we had access to utilities but hardly used them. We almost never used the heat. I remember waking up in bed in highschool being fully dressed (leggings, shirt, socks, jeans, sweater) with an unzipped sleeping bag over the top of my bedding and there were icicles of condensation on my windows from my breath. We also didn’t let the shower just run while the water heated up. You had to hold a big 2 gallon jug (it was some wide mouth costo-sized ranch dressing vessel) up to the showerhead and catch all the cold water. I’m not sure what was done with the water. I like to think it was used to water plants but we didn’t have that many plants. She probably made coffee with it.
Also our lunches were not packed with sandwich bags. My mom quilts professionally and her batting comes on these huge rolls that are the size of a phone booth. The rolls are sheathed in super-size plastic bags which she used to cut into napkin sized sheets to wrap our sandwiches. Probably not the most sanitary practices but I certainly owe my iron constitution to her. I almost never get sick.

Conservation methods aside, her main thrill in life is getting stuff for free or sometimes, getting the store to pay you to take it. If I ever need anything that Walgreen’s carries I can pretty much shop for it in her cupboards. Need razors? Shaving cream? Sun screen? Vitamins? Toothpaste? Peanutbutter? “New” flavors of snack food (y’know, like midnight-lime Doritos or some such nonsense)? She has it. And she’ll tell you exactly how much she paid for it. “I had a manufacturers coupon and it was on sale and they have a rebate deal going so they paid me 28 cents to take all this stuff!” She could teach seminars. But I’m not sure you could really learn to do this. It’s more like a mental illness than a choice.


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