full tilt ice cream

11 Feb

 Oh Full Tilt Ice Cream, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

huh-one: Salted Caramel

huh-two: Thai Iced Tea

huh-thrrree: Vegan Chocolate Mint

you get the picture, Horchata, Ube (Japanese sweet potato), Vegan Almond Joy, Chai, they are all super-yum, and they respectfully handle our gluten-free cones, careful not to cross contaminate them. Plus they make their own waffle cones which smell delightful even if we aren’t eating them… aaaand, rumor has it that they are working on a gluten free cone formula and they promised to keep us updated on the developments if we Facebook “Like” them. I told our favorite ice cream scooper that I had already liked them but now that I Facebook-Like them it is official.

We spent Hondo’s actual birthday evening there and rocked some arcade games with our best friend Amber.

 Besides the ice cream I also appreciate Full Tilt’s civic involvement. They always have thank you letters on the back bulleitin board for supporting schools and they have the international sign for breastfeeding sticker next to the visa mastercard logos on the front window. That always warms my heart.

Amber & Hondo way outplayed me & Mike on Gauntlet (OK, so we added coins for Hondo but still, he is 4 afterall!).

What ice cream shop is complete without a sexy ironic Nagel? Of course, I am partial to this one because of the bangs.


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