foggy baby-hood memories

10 Feb

Our sweet little boy turned 4 today. As I was putting him to bed tonight and he was tucked into the crook of my arm it reminded me of the first night we spent together (with him on the outside). Hondo was a biggie and sunny-side-up. If you don’t know babies that means he came out face up instead of face down which is the ideal delivery. Needless to say I was a little worse for the wear and the nurse fed me some percoset. “Take two if you really want to feel better…” she said. A couple of hours (minutes?) later I lay on the bed with my tiny baby thinking, “I can’t believe they would put moving beds in the post-natal rooms, that seems so dangerous…” and then I realized that it was the percoset talking. I seriously felt like the bed was a giant swing.

Mike & I were looking at pictures from the first couple of months and it all seems like yesterday but also a million years ago. The funny thing is that even in those one-month old baby pictures you can see Hondo’s little personality shining through…

We love you little sweetie!


One Response to “foggy baby-hood memories”

  1. Amber February 14, 2011 at 7:55 pm #

    Baby Hondo! I just saw this. Chad and I had a good giggle at how much he looks like just a baby version of himself. My heart melts!

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