clogs obsession

25 Jan

I wear a size 12 women’s shoe. Luckily I am 6-feet tall so it’s not like a Cyrano de Bergerac situation of proportions (or Peggy Hill). It does however give me an insatiable thirst for cute shoes. For example… what I really want is one pair of Swedish Hasbeens clogs. They are so perfect and so nonchalant in their styling. But since they don’t come even close to a 12 I have started collecting substitutions. I got the brown Tori Burch clogs on the right for myself for Christmas, they were $90 at the Nordstrom Rack online. I got the black Uggs (yes, Uggs) clogs on the left on sale with a combination of a Nordstrom gift card from Christmas and a Nordstrom Rewards certificate and the remaining cost was $11!

Anyway, I like to think that if I could have the Swedish Hasbeens I would have one pair of perfect clogs and be satiated but here I am with 2 new pairs and three more on my list:

But I might be fooling myself. Even if I wore a size 8 I might still be clog hoarding. I used to want those classic Anna or Sven maryjanes back in the 90’s so it might be a lifelong issue. Speaking of Sven these customizable high heel mary janes in black patent leather might be the perfect party shoe…

Everyone who can fit them should probably get them. Then I can find satisfaction vicariously through your purchase.


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