z pizza

13 Jan

z pizza 'the tuscan' gluten free

God bless Groupon. They always list “gluten-free” in the description of GF friendly places and even though I’m usually broke I almost always buy them…

The latest one I bought was for a new pizza place on Capitol Hill called Z Pizza. I had already known I wanted to try it because I scoped out their Virginia location for a summer trip Hondo & I took to visit family (we didn’t make it to Z Pizza on the trip). Then, like magic, Groupon delivered. Z Pizza didn’t disappoint. The crust was really light & not too greasy (my main complaints about our other two GF pizza haunts) and the toppings were good. We got the Tuscan which is a garlic sauce with fancy mushrooms & carmelized onions but next time I am going classic. Fancy might not be my favorite style of pizza but me & Mike were Hondo-free for the night so you gotta try what the kid won’t eat when he’s not around, right?

Here is my Groupon wish list: Haley’s Corner Bakery, The Pupuseria in the “Alley” building on Capitol Hill, Wheatless in Seattle, The Crab Pot, mail order Udi baked goods, Friesenburger, Full Tilt Ice Cream & well, more Z Pizza.


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