fantastic sam’s

7 Jan

When I was in 4th grade I learned my first lesson about getting a haircut that is beyond your hair-styling proficiency level. It was actually a lot like my haircut now, a modified mullet where the bangs are cut pretty far back but my hair was just above shoulder length and the bangs were way way way more textured. I got it cut at the Fantastic Sam’s next to the Wedgewood Broiler on 35th, the stylist used a curling iron to fluff up the bangs and it never looked the same again after that day. So I plugged in our orange handled curling iron with the white barrel and set to work…

we had one just like this, it had a little water receptacle at the top and when it heated up you could steam your hair by pressing down on the tip

I quickly proceeded to give myself a terrible quarter-plus sized burn on the forehead. I tried to cover it up with my bangs but my mom noticed it within hours. Here is the best part: when my mom asked me about it I blamed the hairdresser! Luckily I don’t have a mother prone to litigation or anything. She didn’t even go up to Fantastic Sam’s and yell at the lady. She may have known I was lying though.

me in 4th grade (circa the curling iron incident). nice braces… I mean, nice teddy bear sweatshirt, uh, I mean, nice white button up… I might actually wear that outfit tomorrow.

I just realized something- when I used to work at Halo hair salon Laura had said someone “had a good hairline” so they should wear their hair back or something, I didn’t really know what constituted a good hairline so I asked Laura if I had one and she said, “no, because you have a bald spot” and I just made the connection that that bald spot is probably from that burn!


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  1. mish November 18, 2012 at 11:01 am #

    Just found your blog. Loving it! All the cool : )

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