big-boy bed

5 Dec

It’s official… Hondo is asleep right this minute in his own bed.

Shhhh, here is what he looks like right now:

I took this photo with my personal night vision modification, meaning I held out a tiny book light while letting the shutter on my camera stay open forever (on a tripod).

Do you need any tips about buying a new bed for your little one? Here is what I  figured out:

1. Buy a frame on craigslist. This one was $25. Bed frames can’t really get cooties.

2. Buy the mattress new. Mattresses can and do get cooties.

3. Check out Sears. We got this mattress for $169, it was originally $300-something. New crappy mattresses at the Goodwill are $159 and they are way less cushy than this one. Everything else I looked at was either a comparable price for a flimsy 70’s motel quality or $300+.

4. If you have the means, ask if you can pick it up from the distribution center yourself (thank you Edith for my lovely 1993 GMC Safari maxi-van). This saved us a $70 delivery fee.

5. Go to Ross for sheets. I had my heart set on some cute red & white geometric Tommy Hilfiger sheets at Macy’s and then I found some slightly different red & white Tommy Hilfiger sheets for $11.99 at Ross, for the whole set.

Now the only thing I didn’t really figure out, what happens if Hondo wakes up? I didn’t tell him that I wouldn’t be spending the whole night in there. Hopefully he doesn’t freak if he wakes up and has to come to our room… we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.


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