3 Dec

This morning while lying in bed contemplating whether my headache was bad enough to call in sick (it probably was, but I didn’t) I recalled a crazy feeling I had when Hondo was diagnosed with diabetes. I used to try to go to bed at night and not be able to un-focus my eyes. This is one of those things you take for granted that you do every night, you lay your head on your pillow and your eyes go all soft-focus. I would lie there and try to un-strain my eyes like you would consciously release your scrunched up shoulders while sitting at your computer and I just couldn’t. This is totally one of those things where when you have an infant and you learn to function on minimal amounts of sleep and then your kid is diagnosed with diabetes and your body learns a new alarm function where you can awaken at midnight, 3 am, 6 am etc. for blood sugar tests and you wonder, could I be a spy? Surely spy training is not as rigorous or demanding as parenthood…


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